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Bus Boycott

So we haven’t put Mikey on the bus for a month. Not because of the bully. That seems to have been taken care of. Oh no. We’re boycotting because the bus is so damn unreliable. One morning, it came at 8:37 and we missed it. The next, not until 8:55. This means I had 3 kids (one, an infant) out in the 7-degree winter air for over a half an hour, including walk time, to be down at the stop by 8:35.

Not to mention, Mikey was getting home from school at 4:45 pm. School is over at 3:30 and is 1.73 miles from our house if you go the long way.

It’s insane to me!

Sometimes, if I could get through to a human at the bus garage, we’d learn the bus had broken down and the kids were sitting in the hallway at school waiting. Sometimes, we’d learn it broke down en route and the kids were sitting in a frozen bus on a hill somewhere with no heat.

So, now we carpool with the neighbors.

That’s not entirely true, because we were carpooling. Another kindy kid from down the street would ride with us in the morning and his parents would drive both boys home. Observing that I’m a bit of a trainwreck trying to get my feral sons into the van in the morning, the other boy’s parents called. Apparently, they drive by school anyway. Us giving their son a ride in the morning saved them 15 total minutes. And they offered to drive Mikey both ways if we could just give them a booster seat.

Um? Yes please! It’s probably the nicest thing someone has done for us in a long time. And people do a lot of nice things, because we live in such a wonderful place.

We are hoping to go back to the bus in the spring, but for now, it’s too unreliable.