Monthly Archives: September 2015

Squeaky Wheel

I guess late August into early September will just always be my season of squeaking until I get grease.

Today, the bus came…20 minutes late. I called the garage about 10 minutes before school started and they assured me the bus was on its way. I opted to just wait for it since by the time I walked home and got the kids in the car and drove to school, Mikey would be late anyway.

Of course, the later the bus is, the more Mikey chews the crap out of his hands. He’s been nervous about chewing his gum because he has a classroom rule about no gum. Well, if the school would set a meeting to discuss his 504 plan, we’d be able to discuss this with his teacher!

And so, I have to send emails and make calls. His plan hasn’t even been distributed to his teachers, which doesn’t surprise me. I can’t decide whether I should email my photograph of the plan (my only copy of it) or just wait for school to be deeply in non-compliance so I can report them to the state.

Of course, I don’t want to deplete the school of precious resources. But I also want the damn social worker to be a little more competent. Cody and I looked up her salary online. She earns $80,000 a year. I’d like to hope that’s enough compensation for someone to at least distribute paperwork properly.

I’m going to operate under the assumption that the bus will be late this afternoon and just won’t head out to the stop until much later than Monday.

How many years will my stress level be like this in autumn? At least a few more, it seems.