Monthly Archives: August 2015

Back Into the Fray

We moved into the new house, unpacked our stuff, lived around construction workers, and are as settled as we’ll ever be here. So that means it’s time to get back to school. I’ll tell you what, it’s getting harder for me to champion our public schools.

Mikey has been amazing, resilient, and flexible amidst a sea of unacceptable snafus.

The district evidently got a “new system,” and so transportation letters were never sent out. So hundreds of thousands of students were left with no idea which bus stop to go to, which bus might come, or what time they should be there.

So, hundreds of thousands of parents were calling the central transportation office…all at once. I managed to get through and find out some bus information. Ok, fine.

Then, because of the “new system,” our school (and presumably all the others) weren’t able to send out teacher letters. So kids had no idea who their damn teachers are!

Our family is so privileged: we have an adult at home who can dedicate time to hunting down these answers. We have transportation. We are able to get to Open House Night to figure out the teacher situation, at least.

So, enter the first day of school. Of course, Mikey and I waited and waited at the bus stop for a bus that did not come. He bit his nails to the quick, worried he’d get in trouble for being late or not have a chance to locate his new locker. I gave up after a half hour and drove him.

I was able to walk him to his classroom, where his teacher welcomed him warmly and showed him to his locker and just wrapped him right into their activity. He seemed ok when I left, which is a relief.

On top of it all, the “new system” uses e-fax or something so if we fax something, it goes directly to the recipient’s email address. Which is great, except the school nurse doesn’t yet have access to her email, and so she doesn’t have written permission to give Mikey his medication today.

Even though we faxed her all the appropriate paperwork on Friday.

I give up on today and am just eating bowl after bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch and watching reruns of Survivor. 

The bus company, who *whoops!* only realized at 10am that the driver for Mikey’s route hadn’t shown up for work, assures me someone will be bringing him home from school. We’ll see. I’ll be standing there in the sun with some mini-lads waiting for him.