Monthly Archives: November 2014


November! November! I shake my fist at you and bite my thumb at you, sir.

November, where it’s 72 degrees on Friday and 19 degrees on Monday, 30 all week, and then slated for 60 degrees again next Monday. Who wouldn’t have tumultuous behavior with changes like that afoot?

Mikey has had a hard month. Some timeouts in specials. Some over-energetic behaviors and rough bodies at school. The kid I think Mikey is maybe bullying? He beat him up a little at recess.

But it’s all sort of ok still. Our BSC says all the kindergarten boys are acting antsy this month. The calm and peace she noticed in the classroom has given way to buzzing energy, barely contained by anyone. So it’s not just Mikey! That makes it all so much better to me.

Mikey had a bolting incident, which left my blood frozen in my veins. Unlike the previous incidents where he just made way for the street, he tells me this time he was just trying to be in the front of the line. You see, Mikey was able to verbalize that he gets anxious at the back of the line, walking behind all those slow walkers.

But he doesn’t want to be first in line, because the first kid in line has to hold open the next door and go in last, which gives him the same anxiety. His teacher told me she was letting Mikey walk second in line, but felt like that was special treatment. I asked our BSC to remind the teacher that Mikey is entitled to accommodations like this.

It’s not really special treatment. It’s an accommodation for a kid with autism to enable him to function in his learning environment.

I hung the kids’ adventure garland (cards with winter-themed activities for each day of December) and have been talking about how winter will bring some stability–some freezing cold homogeny of grey, grey days, but stable nonetheless.

Also, we bought a trampoline. So that’s helped a lot of things on the home front! Hibernation will be a little less intense this winter, which is good because I anticipate another boatload of snow days.


504 Plan in Place

A few weeks ago, I got tired of the whole drawn out process with school. I felt myself carefully verbalizing ideas I’d taken time to write out in bullet points, and then I’d receive a document with errors and omitted words and…it was just bad, and I say that both as a parent and as a person who works as a writer/editor for a living.

I talked with my advocate, and she agreed I could write a better 504 plan than school was giving us. I had given them more than enough chances, more than enough meetings. So I put together a draft, I sent it to my advocate to review, I sent it to our BSC, I sent it to Mikey’s teacher.

And now we have a 504 plan I like, that supports Mikey. I felt like the weight of the world was lifted when I signed it. It sort of was–I finally allowed myself to feel all the feelings about Stanley’s birth and our expanded family and just all of it! It’s like a seam has opened and I’ve been a puddle of feelings, a postpartum mess. Only 3 months late!

I felt really, really happy when our BSC wrote to say that another family at Mikey’s school is having a good experience as a direct result of our hard work–they are getting a beefed up 504 plan for their own child with wording modeled from ours. Hopefully more kids are getting the support they need.